012: Academic Freedom vs. Freedom of Religion: The Wheaton College Case

Stevan Sheets

The gang + special guest Tim Edris of Emerging Leaders Institute weigh in on the recent controversy at Wheaton College.  We try and unravel the theological argument and the broader institutional concerns at stake. What role does academic freedom have at private, religious institutions? Is Wheaton consistent in applying its policies? Is this the beginning of a much larger conversation for private colleges and universities?

Photo Credit: Stevan Sheets

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The Professor Suspended for Saying Muslims and Christians Worship One God by Ruth Graham

Wheaton College (Ill.) Suspends Professor Who Donned Hijab in Solidarity With Muslims by Ellen Wexler

Wheaton College says view of Islam, not hijab, got Christian teacher suspended by Manya Brachear Pashman and Marwa Eltagouri

Wheaton College’s Statement of Faith

Make sure you listen to the next episode where Nate, frankly, drops the MOST insightful thing I’ve (Keith) have heard in the conversation–which he should write about publicly ASAP.

The adjunct is still available to work at your institution (as long as he can still record with us): check him out.





4 thoughts on “012: Academic Freedom vs. Freedom of Religion: The Wheaton College Case”

  1. My guess is that a process is underway because she is tenured. Said another way, if she was not tenured, she may have been dismissed already.

    Just a guess. But tenure is basically a right to due process. And that seems to be what’s happening now…because she is tenured.

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