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009: Student Protests on College Campuses, Part 2

In this episode, the trio continue the conversation by exploring the important intersection of student activism, active scholarship, and free speech. We discuss the importance of free speech in higher learning but also the potential limits to that right. To what extent does campus activism promote a healthy learning community and in what ways does it run counter […]

Higher Education and the Zombie Apocalypse

Speaking of Higher Education after the Zombie Apocalypse, I was pleased to find this post on the Five Best Colleges for Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse.  Not only was this helpful for me thinking about where to send my kids to school (‘cuz safety matters), but also nice to know that the #1 best school to […]

008: Student Protests on College Campuses, Part 1

In this episode Keith, Nate, and Neil swim in the waters of the student protest movements of the last few weeks. They discuss the events of the University of Missouri, Yale, and Ithaca (among others). But they also consider larger issues concerning the power of students in movements, look for the way to protest, and […]

007: College After the Zombie Apocalypse

It’s the end of the world! In this episode the team bands together to defend themselves against the advancing zombie horde—using the power of higher education.  We ask, what role should higher education play in times of national or global crisis? With survival on the line, what would constitute an appropriate curriculum? What content is […]

006: Homecoming

Join Nate, Keith, and Neil as they discuss the college tradition of homecoming.  Other topics within the show include being on a mission, a mission from God, Nate’s Beard band, and tradition for the sake of tradition. Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSS

005: College Rankings

In this podcast we discuss college rankings, particularly the powerful and ever-present US News and World Report.  We asked, how do college rankings work, what is their impact (if any) upon administrative decisions at college and universities, and do they influence student choice?     Check us out on Twitter: IStandCorrected @iSCHigherEd Or Facebook: IStandCorrected […]

003: Free College for President

It’s election season, which means higher education is on the table. Neil, Keith, and Nate pick apart the mainstream democratic views regarding higher education financing.  We ask, what does free college really mean? Is it even feasible? How would it reshape the academy, both private and public, and what would be the hidden costs? Check […]