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Academic Breaks: All I Ever Wanted

The semester is wrapping up, and as students, staff, and faculty across the nation prepare for the winter break, I Stand Corrected’s team of experts share their own experiences with academic reprieves and debate the formative role of the standard academic calendar. Where did the 15 week semester come from? What part does rest place in effective scholarship? […]

012: Academic Freedom vs. Freedom of Religion: The Wheaton College Case

The gang + special guest Tim Edris of Emerging Leaders Institute weigh in on the recent controversy at Wheaton College.  We try and unravel the theological argument and the broader institutional concerns at stake. What role does academic freedom have at private, religious institutions? Is Wheaton consistent in applying its policies? Is this the beginning of […]

010: Grading

Finals. It’s the most wonderful time of the year! This week the administrator, the adjunct, and the faculty member welcome special guest Hannah Brenton. Hannah is a current grad student in the Master of Arts in Higher Education program, a Resident Director, and super-smart. Hannah and the crew discuss the traditional grading system, offer possible […]