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016: Does College Crush Entrepreneurship?

Welcome to I Stand Corrected!  This week the boys revisit the question: What influence (if any) does college have on creativity? And specifically, is college the place for entrepreneurs in the making? Join unemployed Nate as he yells at Neil, ardent scholar Neil as he yells at the world, and Shark Tank fanboy Keith as he sits […]

015: The End of Education

When the administrator’s away, the faculty will play.  Join Keith and Nate as they discuss Neil Postman’s The End of Education.  What is the purpose of education? What metaphors provide the best ways to animate an institution of learning?  Also, the guys clean house after the holidays and respond to their awesome listeners’ fan mail. Join the […]

014: The College Crushes Creativity Episode

Is college a place for conformity or creativity? Join the Faculty, the Adjunct, and the Administrator as they creatively debate the creative merits of the modern academy (spoiler alert: Neil is wrong).  Listen in and let us know what you think! Join the conversation on Twitter: @iSCHigherEd Facebook: IStandCorrected Or by Email:       Do Schools […]