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Episode 019: Mount St. Mary’s, Part 1

To what degree is it appropriate to drown bunnies, even if they are cuddly? Join Neil, Keith, and Nate in this special 2-part episode regarding college President Simon Newman’s “interesting” retention plan, and the uproar its caused at the small campus (and the uproar its caused on our podcast). Do schools coddle students to their own detriment? […]

018: The Golden Ticket: The One Where We Talk About Admissions

What does it take to gain admission into the Academy’s ivy covered halls? Join Keith, Neil, Nate, and special guest Ben Smith (@DaGreatDennis) as they talk about college admissions.  What characteristics would you look for in an ideal college student? Do current admissions practices reduce the college to a used car lot? What about standardized tests? What […]

017: The Onion’s Review of 2015: Sexual Assault, Adjunct Life, and Commencement Speeches

In this week’s episode, the guys sit down to talk about the Chronicle of Higher Education’s look back on the year in Higher Education according to The Onion. The Adjunct, Faculty Member, and Administrator each pick one of the satirical articles of the year as their favorite.     The 13 Best “Onion” Stories As […]