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Episode 022: The Yale Report

Finally. The boys sit down for a cordial discussion regarding this seminal document in American Higher Education. What does the Yale Report say and why does it say it? What role should this (almost) 200 year old document have in shaping contemporary discussions? Why does Neil sing so much? Join the conversation! Twitter: @ischighered Facebook: IStandCorrected […]

Episode 021: The Great Race

What is the Rooney Rule and can it help colleges and universities improve their hiring practices? Tune in as the gang discusses homogeneity in academia. Neil’s piece in the Rehoboth Journal:  Hollywood, the NFL, and the CCCU. Join the conversation on Twitter: @ischighered Facebook: IStandCorrected Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | […]

Episode 020: Mount St. Mary’s, Part Deux

To what degree is it appropriate to drown bunnies, even if they are cuddly? Join Neil, Keith, and Nate in this special 2-part episode regarding college President Simon Newman’s “interesting” retention plan, and the uproar its caused at the small campus (and the uproar its caused on our podcast). Do schools coddle students to their own detriment? […]