End of EducationWhen the administrator’s away, the faculty will play.  Join Keith and Nate as they discuss Neil Postman’s The End of Education.  What is the purpose of education? What metaphors provide the best ways to animate an institution of learning?  Also, the guys clean house after the holidays and respond to their awesome listeners’ fan mail.

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The End of Education by Neil Postman

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2 thoughts on “015: The End of Education”

  1. Another great discussion! Eager to hear more about how you stand corrected next week. Would like to have heard more about the connection between Postman, the value of higher education, and the necessity of student affairs / development.

    Can you post a link for the ACSD webinar on Friday?

  2. Patrick, you have asked the million dollar question. If we can’t connect to the primary mission of the institution and the academy at large, then I would say that Student Affairs is an appropriate place to trim. At that point, it becomes a consideration of key services, not necessarily opportunities that are legitimately a part of student learning.

    Here is the link: http://www.acsd.org/learning/webinars/

    I’m not sure if you need to be an ACSD member to join in. They post after the fact, so at least a stream will be available (if you’re not a member).

    Thanks for joining us!

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